Welcome Back Class of 1972

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Caden Granger and Alinna Barnes

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Nico VanZwanenberg
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Any questions about Alumni Weekend please call
Brien Learn at 585-968-2820

Attention CCS Classes of 1972, 1973 and 1974!
We are planing a joint reunion in conjunction with the annual CCS/CRCS
Reunion weekend to be held in July 2023. (Weekend of July 7, 2023).
This will be a Friday evening event so as not to interfere with all the
normally planned runion activities. In an effort to get an acurate head
count, please email or text:
Kerry Odell (73) at kerry.odell@mail.wvu.edu / 304-813-8528
Jack Bradley (73) at tricoastind@reagan.com /228-627-4696
Kathy Durt (74) at kathyb1974@yahoo.com 
Dan Enos (72) at denos@twc.com
Further information will be posted on Cuba's reunion Facebook page
(Cuba-Rushford Alumni Association | Facebook)
and www.crcsalumni.com
Hope to see all of you there!